Taking your business from planning to progress

Human Resource Management

Our rule here at SBS is to help you identify your needs, develop an action plan,and facilitate the change it requires to enhance the success of your organization. We provide services that help your organization to embrace change and strengthen performance.  We can help you identify areas for improvement and add overall long-term value to your organization.


We can help you to achieve your long-term organizational goals of improving productivity, efficiency, communication, and employee morale through these services: 
  • Strategic planning
  • Employee and customer relations training & development
  • Risk management and compliance
  • HR and Security audits
  • Manpower studies
  • Employee handbook and policy and procedure development
  • Compensation studies
  • Organizational change management
  • Conflict management
  • Organizational Development

We will work closely with you to determine how to best support you and your human resources objectives. We provide both project-based and ongoing consulting services:

Human Resources Projects- If you need assistance with specific projects that focus on human resources staffing, organization development, compensation, benefits, recruitment, performance management, employee retention, compliance, employee training, employee relations, or management development. Based upon your needs, we will create plan that outlines the goals for the project.

Ongoing Consultation- This option may be best for organizations that need higher level Human Resources guidance or an HR professional to augment the work of the current Human Resources department. Approaches may include:

  • Strategic Advisor – For organizations lacking a strategic human resources executive, Sentinel Business Solutions can act as an advisor to your and executive team and organization
  • Human Resources Management – This approach typically includes a dedicated HR generalist that will provide virtual or onsite management. The HR generalist acts as a day-to-day resource for ongoing Human Resources activities and specific human resources areas.